Episode 251 – Atlantic Rim (2013)

Ah, the fascinating geological phenomenon known as the “Atlantic Rim”! Studied by . . . NO ONE, OK? There IS no Atlantic Rim! Well, there is, but it’s not a fascinating planetary crustal system, roughly overlapping the Atlantic Rim of Fire . . . because THAT doesn’t exist either! What DOES exist is this rushed-out knock-off of last week’s blockbuster “Pacific Rim.” This is our first (but probably not our last) series entry for “… But An Incredible Simulation” that was brought forth by the production company known as The Asylum and clearly there were in no way at all trying to piggyback on the relative success of “Pacific Rim” with a similar title, even if that title made no sense (I’m sure they realized that and that’s why they changed the title to “From the Sea” and it had nothing to do with any cease-and-desist letters from any other studio). While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, does this particular imitation flatter . . . or shame? Are we talking Ho-hos and Drake’s Cakes? Or Ho-hos and crowbar upside the head? Give a listen and find out!

Poll question: what actor’s appearance in what movie just made you go “oh, god, why?!” What’s your most tragic “I needed the paycheck” film appearance?

3 thoughts on “Episode 251 – Atlantic Rim (2013)”

  1. Most tragic needs a pay check role for me is Christopher Plummer in “StarCrash – the adventures of Stella Star”. He might as well end each line with “If this check doesn’t clear I will end you!”

    As “My God why?” choices, I pick Scarlett Johansson in “Lucy” I think she is great but why pick such a dumb film, no matter how artsy the director is? Robert Pattinson in “high Life” also comes to mind. OMG this movie was so stupid and nonsensical I can only hope he took the job at gunpoint.

    1. Ahh, “Star Crash.” Where would we be without it? Plummer had a few movies, if I recollect that made me go, huh? “Lucy” I remember thinking was at least dumb fun but she was also in that bachelorette party movie… Pattinson…He scores because of “Lighthouse,” I think. Thanks, Snowy! Stay chill!

      1. Star crash is “ our film” lol I am lifting one eyebrow and giving up in honour of Caroline Monroe.

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