Episode 236 – The Princess Bride (1987)

Hello, children. Hello. Welcome to Max, Mike; Storytime. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. Today we’re reading a fairy-tale that’s a little different. I haven’t read this “Princess Bride” myself, but I’m sure it’ll be every so much fun. Let’s see, just skim over this, make sure it’s ok for the tiny tots . . . there’s the Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Oh, isn’t that nice? And she meets a Handsome Prince who seems . . oh. Huh. Well, that’s not very nice. Oh, but she’s in love with a nice boy from her farm! That’s nice! And he . . . dies? Wait, I think I read that wrong. There’s a pirate, who’s a good guy? Oh, and an Evil Giant . . . who actually isn’t evil and someone really does die? What? “The Pit of Despair”? “The Machine”?! Ok, boys and girls, Uncle Max isn’t too sure this is such a good story for you to . . . hey, where did you get all those knives? You should be careful! Knives are only for grownups because . . . ow! Why, you little . . . ok, ok, I’ll keep reading, just untie Uncle Mike! Wait, what do you mean “he likes it”? What’s happening here?!

If any movie is quotable, it’s this one. But how does this almost forty-year old film adaptation of a novel that pretends to be an adaptation of a much older (and nonexistent) book hold up? Is it as iconic as people think? Inconceivable! And no, I don’t know what that word means!

Poll question: Who is your favorite athlete turned actor? Or do you think athletes should just stay in their lane?

2 thoughts on “Episode 236 – The Princess Bride (1987)”

  1. Buster crabbe was a swimmer and one of my all time favourite actors as Flash Gordon and buck rogers. I have soft spot for Carl weathers who I thought was pretty good as an actor in the rocky movies. He was a football player here in Canada first.

    1. Ahh, the classic salesman of Icy Hot! No, I know Crabbe is one of your favorites, Vince. Thanks so much for listening and the comments! Hope it gets warm for you up there soon!

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