Episode 23: Aquaman

Once again we find our intrepid heroes grappling with another superhero movie in their series “In Theaters Now.” This week, can the dyspeptic duo marshal all their periodontic powers and converse about a possible cacaphonic celluloid calamity? Will they have to call their fishy friends? Will concentric circles expand out of their heads as they discuss “Aquaman,” the latest addition to the DC Cinematic Universe? Tune in to find out! Same fish time, same fish channel!

4 thoughts on “Episode 23: Aquaman”

  1. Yes, Arthur Treacher is (was) an actor. He played a lot of butlers. He was also Merv Griffin’s sidekick for a while. I’ve heard him several times on a radio show called Duffy’s Tavern, where he played a very sarcastic – and funny – waiter. Very similar to Stephen Fry looks-wise; he was 6’4″.

  2. Even weirder, Arthur Treacher was in the original movie of this week’s upcoming episode, “Mary Poppins.” Or something like that!

    1. Well, it wasn’t. At all. DC just isn’t making them the way I’d like them to. Oddly, sadly, they still make money. So I guess we either suffer or do without. I do without.

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