Episode 225 – Geostorm (2017)

Welcome to our new series: “Disaster Porn”! Why? Because everyone loves porn! And everyone loves disasters! (don’t question me about either of those statements, dammit). So we thought, why not combine two great tastes . . . or two really horrible tastes, if you’re more “reasonable,” and do a series about it. Because, come on, isn’t there some part of you that agrees with Homer Simpson when he’s watching a series of Drivers Ed films that depict horrific, bloody accidents: “Hee hee! It’s funny because I don’t know them!” So, buckle up for big dose of schadenfreude! This week’s entry is a disaster on a number of levels: 2017’s “Geostorm” starring Gerard Butler. No, that’s not a typo. Apparently, Mr. Butler needed his summer house re-shingled or something, because he helped produce this cinematic bolus about a global weather-control satellite system that goes horribly (or delightfully) wrong and rains down world-wide weather calamities (see what I did there with the weather pun? Of course you did. I’ll see myself out). So slip into an easy-to-wear spacesuit and join us to find out if this one is an unintentional delight or a true disaster. And remember: Dutch Boy will save us!

Poll question: what disaster movie plot do you find the most unbelievable?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 225 – Geostorm (2017)”

  1. This movie was on this weekend and I couldn’t stand to watch any of it!
    The core has one of the dumbest, impossible plots ever. 2012 really threw me with its mutant neutrinos or whatever. The disaster porn was amazing, stupid as hell, but amazing. Most of these film run in pure over the top destruction and I am not ashamed to say that can be damn entertaining, enough to turn your brain off for a couple hours and enjoy the mayhem and not have to even try to make sense of any of it.

    1. Ahh, “The Core!” Max has such fond memories of that one! No, wait…hatred! That’s what it was. Sometimes I get those confused. Glad you avoided “Geostorm” in any case. It is easily and best avoided. Thanks, Vince!

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