Episode 223 – It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

What’s that you say, Clarence? You’ve come to me as we near the end of our “Monochrome” series to show me what my life would be like if Bumpy had never been born? Wow . . . what a gift. Maybe this is what it’ll take to get me accept that pony into my life . . . what’s that, there? They’ve invented a new Academy Award for Best Talking About Movies? And I would have won it four years in a row?! Wow, but what about the . . . wait, is that me accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing peace to the Middle East?! And while I’m accepting that, my Medal of Freedom is being accepted for me by my wife . . . Scarlett Johansson?!! Um, gee, Clarence, you’ve sure given me a lot to think about. Uh, no reason but I’m just curious: this is what would have happened if Bumpy had never been born. If he, I don’t know, died suddenly, like, accidentally fell into a woodchipper or whatever, SOME of this stuff could still happen, right? I mean, not all of it, sure, but . . . Clarence? Clarence, where’d you go? Hey, my mouth’s bleeding again. Wow. Maybe it was all a dream . . . but just out of curiosity . . . huh, you actually can buy wood chippers on Amazon. Isn’t that interesting . . .  while I’m checking on prices, why don’t you give a listen to Mike and me, as we chat about this enduring holiday classic. Ooo, free shipping . . .

Poll question: What is your favorite holiday movie? It can be any holiday!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 223 – It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)”

  1. Nothing beats Muppet Christmas carol for my for holiday films… it is seriously the best adaptation of that story for me. Other than that I am not a big fan of holiday themed films. I do love nightmare before Christmas and that covers a couple holidays at once! John Houston’s last film was about the time between Christmas and new years and starred Angelica Houston. It was called the dead and I think it’s brilliant but I don’t think it counts.

    1. Omg I don’t know how I forgot the animated film “klaus” I just watched it again yesterday with the nephews! It’s an amazing 2D animated film!

  2. Thanks as always, Vince! “Muppet Christmas Carol” is a really fun movie. I love it when the Muppets are done well. The others I haven’t seen but I trust your judgement. And thanks for the comments!

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