Episode 215 – Three Days of the Condor (1975)

Welcome to Big Max and Big Mike’s House O’ Condors! Due to an ordering mishap that is entirely Mike’s fault (which is why he is currently the one wearing the Kooky Kondor suit), we’ve got WAY to much inventory in our condor warehouse! But our loss is your gain as we’re instituting Condor Days! That’s right, for three days only we’re slashing our prices so low you’ll think they’re going extinct (ooo, too soon?)! We got California Condors! We got Andean Condors! C’mon down for three fun-filled Condor Days at Big Max and Big Mike’s House O’ Condors! There, that should conceal the actual title of this week’s “Conspiracy!” movie just brilliantly! Who could ever analyze this text and figure out that we’re discussing Sydney Pollack’s classic sci-fi thriller about C.I.A. agents who read books for a living and what happens to them? What makes it sci-fi? Well, the idea that a book nerd who is stuck in a C.I.A. off-site office would look like Robert Redford . . . what would YOU call that? So join us, all you stunningly good-looking covert operatives, as we discuss the most important message of this movie: reading books will get you killed. Remember, kids: books kill.  Ok, so does Max von Sydow but I really blame the books.

Poll question: what movie can you think of that was good or really good . . . except for the fact that one of the leads was played by someone who was just to darn good-looking for the part and that just took you right out of the movie?

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