Episode 199: Singularity (2017)

And we come to the end of our “Focus on: John Cusack” series and a short but wild ride it’s been. Wasn’t “High Fidelity” cool? Didn’t you just love Lloyd Dobler as a character? Wasn’t the Savannah setting in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” intriguing? Yeah . . . welp, that about sums up the series, thanks for joining us! For next time . . . hm? What’s that? THIS week’s movie? 2017’s “Singularity”? Yeeeeaaahhhhh . . . right . . . that one . . . uh . . . sure, I mean, we can talk about it. If you really want to. I mean, John Cusack’s in it . . . pretty much. For some of it. He’s prominently featured in the credits and on the DVD cover, so, ok, this is technically a John Cusack movie. Um. But you know, maybe we could talk more about the actual music choices in “High Fidelity”! Yeah! That’d be cool, right? Like how many of the albums that got mentioned are albums you’ve actually listened to? Let’s do that! Oh. Really? Well, ok, if you insist. I mean, “Singularity” is kind of an interesting indicator of John Cusack’s recent career trajectory. And there’s robots in it. And . . . well, you’d better just give a listen, find out what’s going on. We do need to finish this up.

Poll question: What is your favorite filmic representation of Batman?

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5 thoughts on “Episode 199: Singularity (2017)”

  1. I really liked the animated series, the first one. It captured elements of the comic I liked and had it’s own style at the time that was really unique. For films I have to say my favourite is Batman Returns. I don’t love Keaton’s Batman, but Danny Devito, Michelle Pfifer really stand out for me as well the bat sh*t (pun intended) storyline. The idea that anyone who would dress up in customer to fight or perform crimes MUST have some sort of mental illness to pull it off worked for me and put Batman in the same box os those he was fighting against. One of Burton’s out there films that I think worked more as a twisted comedy than anything else. .

    1. Thanks, Snowy! I wonder when the last time you say “Batman Returns” was. I honestly didn’t remember my reaction that well, but have watched it recently for the show. It was…not how I remembered. But in a way, that’s taking it out of context as 30 years ago was a very different time. Thanks so much for the comment! All the BumpyBux for you!

      1. I saw a few minutes of it (in French) not too long ago but the whole thing…it’s been awhile. Michelle Pfifer’s cartwheels and following “meow” endear me to it every time though!

  2. It’s the animated Batman, I’m sorry. The closest live action versions are, sigh, the Tim Burton version and Robert Battinson. The Dark Night movies are fine, but they’re more important for superhero movies and cinema overall than they are for Batman as a character

    1. No reason to be sorry, Ned! You pick what you like! And thanks for sharing the comments as always! We always appreciate your chiming in.

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