Episode 196: Say Anything (1989)

Leapin’ Lizards! It’s a brand-spanking-new series! (A spanking! A spanking!) Can your heart stand it? If not, please consult your physician, because we’re worried about you. This time we’re focusing on a selection from the body of work of a specific actor in three separate econo-series; Mike has chosen the first one, I’ll choose the second one, and we’d like YOU, yes YOU, to help us choose the third one! Write in, let us know what film person you think deserves a deep-dive, and maybe even suggest some examples of that person’s work. Please help us! You want me to say it? Ok, I’ll say it: we need you! We’ve always needed you! Please don’t leave us! Don’t marry Ethelbert! Or do marry Ethelbert, but please write in with suggestions!

We’re starting out with Mike’s choice “Focus On: John Cusack” because of all the Cusack’s he is, we think you’ll agree, the John-est. Mike’s leading off with an early film of Mr. C’s: 1989’s “Say Anything” starring many people, as well as a very 80’s soundtrack. Is this just another goofy teen romance or does Herr Cusack bring his A-game and level this baby up a bit? Give a listen and find out. Maybe we’ll even have Don “The Dragon” Wilson break Bumpy’s nose . . . if you’re extra good!

Poll question: what couple from a romantic movie would you most like to check in on twenty or thirty years later to see how they’re doing?

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3 thoughts on “Episode 196: Say Anything (1989)”

  1. I haven’t seen John Cusack in much. I liked “the grifters” but he wasn’t the draw for me in that. I more recently saw him as Edgar Allen Poe in “the raven” which was not great, but might be worth seeing and talking about.

    As Mike mentioned, I have odd movies tastes to some and I always wonder what happens to characters after the main event of the movie is over. Like what happened to Kurt and bikini girl after they escaped the killer go go girls in “faster pussycat kill kill”. ( you know you love that movie MIke!) These days we seem to finding out what happened to couples and characters 20-30 later all the time as everything is getting rebooted and updated.

    1. While I did see “Faster Pussy Cat,” it was a long time ago and I don’t remember that much about it, sadly. Was Tura Satana in that one? Cusack’s career has been interesting. Lately, he’s been doing films that…well, let’s just say they don’t match the beginning of his career much. Don’t want to give anything away. But as always, thanks for listening!

      1. Tura Satana was the star and she was y friend Donna’s neighbour before she died in L.A.! Apparently she was somehow a republican! Yu need to see it again…. and again… and again… what would be the point of that? “The point is on of no returning you’ve reached it! “

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