Episode 188: Help! (1965)

Welcome, our most groovy listeners! Let us take you down to Strawberry Fields, via Penny Lane; hey, Jude, you’re falling behind! Are you not feeling well? Do you need a little help from your friends? Should we call Dr. Robert? Do you want to hold my hand as we go? As you may have guessed from this so-subtle introduction, we’re starting a swinging, woodly-poodly new series featuring movies by, about, and inspired by that famous musical combo . . . Herman’s Hermits! That’s right . . . no, no, that’s entirely wrong. Sadly, I don’t believe Herman or the Hermits ever made it to the silver screen, more’s the pity.  No, the name of the series sums it up: “Ladies and Gentlemen . . . the Beatles!” We’ll be checking out some of the films of the Lads from Liverpool, as well as documentaries about them, fictionalized versions of them, and movies that I assume are supposed to be tributes to them, but . . . well, wait and see.  We’re starting off with the second movie the Four Mop Tops made themselves, the zany farce “Help!” Is it zany? Is it farcical? Are the Beatles in it? I can assure you that the answer to at least one of those questions is “yes.” Give a listen and find out which one!

Poll question: what subject matter do you think is most lacking in movie theaters? What area has Hollywood not explored enough?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 188: Help! (1965)”

  1. I will say straight out I am not a fan of the Beatles. Never have been that I can remember. It might because they are just too ever present in the culture or simply too pop for me.

    Subjects I think we could see more of would be those that are made and about native populations. There are few films about and by Native American lives and really non I can think of get much attention. The same could be said of stories from many poorer nations who have a reality that might almost seem extraterrestrial compared to what Hollywood is putting out. I can’t help but think all film would be lifted up by some never seem perspectives.

    1. The Beatles are a thing and not everyone’s. They are definitely overplayed which is a shame. And there’s been SO much done about them that I totally understand burn out or even not liking them in the first place. Hope you’ll still get something out of the series. Thanks for the answer, as always! We appreciate it so much that you have your own nickname you don’t want!

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