Episode 178: Scanners (1981)

How many times has this happened to you? You’re walking down the street, enjoying the day when blammo! Your head explodes! Don’t you just hate that? Some darn Scanner just decided to ruin your day by using their superhuman psionic abilities to make your head burst open! Oh rats! But now there’s Scan-Be-Gone, the miracle product from your pals at ConSec! Prevent unwanted Croenenbergian body horror with Scan-Be-Gone! Doesn’t matter if the Scanner in question is a bland protagonist whose name you can’t remember or a menacing Michael Ironside, Scan-Be-Gone will keep away all of that encephalitic disruptive mess and leave your cranium fresh, clean, and unexploded!  This product is Bumpy-tested and Max, Mike; Movies approved! From the makers of “That Sure Was 1981”! Sound too good to be true? Give a listen to our extended testimonial!

Poll question: If a movie is an adaptation of something and you haven’t yet read the source material, will you seek it out before, after, or at all?

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4 thoughts on “Episode 178: Scanners (1981)”

  1. I have liked a bunch of Croenenberg and liked a fair number of them. This one was a huge hit at the video store, maybe even more than Videodrome which I liked a lot better. I love Spider and Crash but Existent was proof he never learned anything about computers after this movie!

    I will usually read the source material to any movie I like and if the ideas are good and the movie isn’t I might as well to see if the problem was in the book. I read Wolfen and The Hunger before the movies came out because Craig from the MYP was friend with the author but in that case the movies were better than the books and it was the books that had interesting ideas the films made better use of. I am about to read the book Metropolis was based on after looking for decades to find it!

    Snowman? I have been called much worse so OK! (Snowman?) 🙂

    1. Well, you know, it’s snowy up there! And you’re a man! So, why not? Could be a lot worse. Trust me. I never saw “Videodrome,” but it looked weird. I know “The Hunger” was a favorite of horror movie fans. Never saw that, either. Cool perspective on the book vs. movie thing. Thanks for the comments!….Snowman. 😀

  2. I don’t tend to seek out the source material, but I’ll definitely go see a movie if I like the story it’s based on. Somehow the film industry has tricked us into thinking one is okay and not the other. Part of it is probably that I find bad movies more enjoyable than bad books, songs, toothpastes, etc., but that just begs the question of why bad movies are something special.

    1. Thanks, Ned! We got your response just in time for the show. Bad books do indeed take a LOT more effort than do bad movies. As to why they’re something special? You know, I’m not really sure. And yet, they are. I’ve watched some bad movies far more times than Oscar winners. Very much appreciated! Enjoy those BumpyBux!

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