Episode 157: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

Continuing in our careful study of spatio-temporal mechanics as depicted in popular cinematic culture, we come to one of the more intriguing scholarly examples from the late nineteen-eighties.  We have before us a meticulously researched opus on the fixed-timeline theory as regards the practical uses of temporal adjustment technology vis a vis academic research as opposed to the more radical theory of temporal manipulation for historical revisionism.  Of course this film is most famous for it’s ground-breaking quantum equation that has led to so much brilliant research:

Be=Excellent 2 Other(each) / Partyon D[ude]

It is almost impossible to judge the impact this equation has had on time travel theory but my esteemed colleague Mike and I will be discussing it herein.  Please join us.  It will be, in my opinion, most triumphant.

New poll question: can you think of a mediocre or even bad movie that has one really great scene or really great performance that almost saves it?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 157: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)”

  1. Bill and Ted was fun but it’s not something I ever went back to after seeing once.
    As for a bad to middling film with a scene or performance that makes it worth it for me, I would say Legend. Not a great film story-wise, every version I have seen is all over the place but it’s visually stunning. That said Tim Curry steals the show! The scene where he walks out of the mirror with those MASSIVE horns and cloven hooves makes me quiver with anticipation! (oops wrong Curry movie). Seriously his performance, makeup and character was the only thing that made me buy copy and I often just cue up that scene and watch only from the dancing dress to the Curry entrance!

    1. Great answer, Vince! “Legend” promised to be a delight. I was so hopeful that Scott could do for fantasy what he did for science fiction. Sadly, that movie was no “Blade Runner.” And poor Tim Curry; literally the only piece of actual Tim we see is his tongue. Everything else was suit or makeup. Visually, that film did look amazing. Ah, well. BumpyBux in abundance for you, Vince!

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