Episode 140: The Doors (1991)

The time to hesitate is through and there is certainly no time to wallow in the mire, because we’ve got this week’s episode in our “Semi-Real People” series: 1991’s “The Doors.” The title is a bit misleading, as we discuss, as this is less about the entire band and more about Mr. Mojo Risin’ himself, Jim Morrison.  We learn some stuff about Morrison’s meteoric rise to fame and powerfully influential, yet all too brief, reign as the Lizard King of Rock and Roll.  Val Kilmer gives an uncanny performance as Jim, and Meg Ryan is both sweet and sad as Pamela Courson, the woman who . . . more or less . . . shared the last few years of Morrison’s life.  Is it an accurate depiction of this somewhat mysterious yet iconic musician? Or did Oliver Stone just pull the thing out of his butt, to coin a phrase? Join us and find out, for while neither Mike nor I may be the Lizard King, I’m fairly certain that Mike is actually the Gecko Arch-Duke!

This week, our poll question is: is there any actor who, when you see their name attached to a movie, makes you go “Nope, no way, not gonna watch it”? Conversely, is there any actor who’s attachment to a movie guarantees that you’ll be first in line to see it? Give us your thoughts in the Comments below!

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7 thoughts on “Episode 140: The Doors (1991)”

  1. I had a quick answer for who I refuse to watch: Sascha Baron Cohen. All of his public antics soured me on any films he might do. As for who would I run to the theatre / TV to see, can’t think of a living one. If anything, it would be what Wes Anderson is up to. Can’t wait to see his new one, The French Dispatch.

    1. Cool answers! Thanks, Val! I haven’t seen any of Mr. Cohen’s work so I don’t know if I’d like it or not. Wes Anderson is someone I enjoy when I see his work. “Grand Budapest Hotel” was very charming. Didn’t know he had one coming up, but will look out for it. Thanks! You earn a BumpyBux! Which is totally fake and not worth anything!

  2. I hadn’t really thought I had someone I avoid on screen but Mel Gibson really keeps away. I loved her earlier films like Gallipoli but I refused to buy Chicken Run because they used his voice and it takes a lot to keep from buying an Aardman animation! Most of the people I’d see in anything are dead now. John Hurt in a film would always make me give it a chance since I can’t think of anything he was bad in, even if the film was going all the way back to his early appearance in “The Shout”. Hmmmm…. maybe that should be remade…

    Never a fan of the Doors, but man, Val Kilmer is damn good in this.

    1. Thanks, Vince! Mel is certainly problematic. Seems he has this nasty habit of…talking. John Hurt is pretty much good in anything, I agree. Even Harry Potter movies. Appreciate the response!

  3. I would say Tom Cruise is one that I generally avoid. I just don’t get the appeal with him.

    Christian Bale is an actor who’s films I always look forward to. The guy just has so much range and puts a lot of effort into everything he does. Very excited to see him play Gorr the god butcher in Thor 4. Probably between him and Pauly Shore…

    1. Tom Cruise….ah, Tom, saving the Tom world one Tom at a time. Christian Bale is someone I’ve watched since “Henry V,” and “Newsies.” I’ve missed some of his big ones, but he always brings something good. Liked him well in “The Fighter,” and “Ford vs.Ferrari.” Wait…Pauly Shore?!! Thanks, Weez! Some BumpyBux are yours which are totally worthless and don’t exist!

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