Episode 133: The Dark Knight (2008)

The city.  It cries out for justice.  It cries out for salvation.  It cries out for discussions of movie sequels in a series called “Leave ‘Em Wanting More.” They call.  We come.  That’s the deal.  We are Max, Mike; Movies and we’re the podcast the city deserves, but not the one it needs.  No. Wait. Hang on.  Maybe it’s the other way around.  Or maybe we’re the podcast the city thinks it wants but isn’t the one it could really use to remove stubborn stains? Anyway, it’s complicated.  You know what’s not complicated? Justice.  And what does justice have to do with this podcast? Nothing.  That’s the point.  Get it? Well, I’ll explain . . .  it’s complicated. Like justice.  That’s deep, right? Of course it is.  Join us as we take on the villainous (or not) sequel to “Batman Begins” starring Christian “So Easy To Work With” Bale and the late, very lamented Heath Ledger where we attempt to answer the eternal question: hey, Christopher Nolan! Why . . . so . . . serious?

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11 thoughts on “Episode 133: The Dark Knight (2008)”

  1. I’m only going to show up for the live show if we get to watch Rogue Warfare 3! Or if you promise Bumpy will make an appearance.

        1. Thanks all around, Ned, for listening and writing in! What scares me is that, as of now, we have one vote only and it’s for “Rogue Warfare 3.” As Max will point out, and rightly so, that’s really my fault. But I would still like to ‘sank’ you for the vote! 😀

  2. Hi Mike and Max,
    Long time listener, one time guest, first time typer here.
    In your most recent episode regarding “The Dark Knight”, Max states that the Marvel cinematic universe hadn’t begun yet. This is factually false (insert Simpsons comic guy here) as Iron man came out in May and Dark Knight came out in July. Further, the Incredible Hulk, starring Edward Norton, had also come out in June of that year.

    I would like a refund as I have been fed falsified information. Thankyouverymuch.
    – Weezil.

    1. Weezil. We meet again, you diabolical fiend. Oh, I know it seems like you have the upper hand at the moment but mark my words, justice . . . will prevail.
      While you are TECHNICALLY correct that both “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk” did come out the same year as “Dark Knight,” kicking off the MCU, I remind you that “Dark Knight” is a continuation of “Batman Begins” which came out in 2005! Hah! Victory is mine! Never mind what I said about a sequel having to stand on its own! La la la la la la I can’t hear you la la la la la!

      Well, never let it be said that I can’t admit to a mistake. You’re right, I’m wrong and just to show there are no hard feelings, I’ll refund you DOUBLE your podcast entrance fee! How’s that for generous?
      — The Crimson Wallaby

    2. Weezil; thanks, as always for listening and for writing in! I think it could be argued that the MCU doesn’t -really- start until a second character has been introduced. While Hulk (the second go around) did come out this year, that version, that tone of the character would not transition into the MCU. If that is the case, I’d say we really don’t get actual, “this is going to be a THING” MCU until the introduction of Thor a couple years later. While we do get a second Iron Man Film, we don’t get another Hulk film, likely as the Ed Norton movie bombed and most would like to forget it. That’s my take anyway. And we TOTALLY thought of that before the podcast. Or you’re right and we’ll have to do something to make it up to you. Want a pony head? Thanks, Weez!

  3. I thought this was the best of the Nolan Batman’s and that Ledger was amazing, but I still could have lived if this was never made… too many origin stories! Ledger’s performance (and really everyone else too) sold me but I was already sick of the same “dark” superhero stuff. I might be a hypocrite though because I loved “Chronicle” but that was at least an original story with new characters. I agree with Mike that Harvey Dent was good up until he became a villain, the joker was more than enough at one time. The last one was unwatchable to me… still better than Justice League but I imagine Rouge Warfare 3 is as well.

    1. Ahh, Rogue Warfare 3! Why do I have a sneaking suspicion we’re going to be watching that at some point? “Chronicle” was a really good, underrated superhero movie and, for my money, the most realistic depiction of what would likely happen should someone, especially a teenaged boy, suddenly find himself and his buds have super powers. I have avoided “Justice League,” and will continue to do so even with the release of the new, extra-long cut of the movie. While “Dark Knight” might be the arguable height of DC superhero movies, I don’t find it one I like to come back to. Just too dark. Thanks, Vince!

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