Episode 131: Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)

Welcome to a sequel that I bet a bunch of people didn’t know was a sequel! Yes, Mel Gibson’s first outing as Max Rockatansky (yes, the character has a last name) in 1979 wasn’t exactly widely distributed (or known) over here in the States; the initial release even had Gibson’s voice dubbed, for fear that his thick Australian accent? would baffle U.S. audiences.  Okaaay, sure.  Here’s a sequel that at the very least is more memorable than the original.  Is it as good? Better? Does it have more mohawks, leather outfits, and butt-less leather pants? Yes, I’d say that’s a pretty fair bet.  So, join us for this week’s Mad Max, Mad Mike; Mad Movies (we’re just mad about movies! Ah heh heh heh . . . heh . . . I’ll stop now, I’m so sorry).  It’ll be humongous!

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4 thoughts on “Episode 131: Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)”

  1. My friend Jeannette saw this film over 100 times at the Harvard square and it influenced her life in ways I would rather not say. I thought it was awesome but I agree with mike I look at it much differently than I did when it came out. To be fair a lot has changed and happened since then. Violence and rape were really considered entertainment in many 80s films and a plot point, a short cut to make a point etc. Even so this really holds up and I think it is a sign of a good film when it hits you different ways over your life. Gibson made the film Gallipoli this year as well which was a real intense tear jerker and made him seem like an upcoming acting talent. Didn’t he make a film where he talked to puppet beaver or something?

    1. Gibson did, in fact, make a movie where he played a guy who had a breakdown and could only express himself through a beaver hand puppet. Jody Foster was in it too. I think about eleven people saw it. It was called, most imaginatively, “The Beaver.” Title made it sound like it should have starred Jerry Mathers.

      1. I am ashamed I remembered that! I suppose it could have been puppet porn, which sound a lot better than what it was!

        1. I have never heard of this Beaver movie. Wow. Sounds like one of Peter Jackson’s early efforts or something. Vince; Road Warrior held up amazingly well. The question we didn’t ask is if it would appeal to today’s audience. I think it would if only because it is so stripped down and, well, short. What amazes me is, R rating aside, no one ever tried to make a cartoon series or action figure line from it! That would have affected the youth of the world in interesting ways!

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