Episode 128: You’ve Got Mail (1998)

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more . . . ow! Dang, I hurt my neck doing that head-bob thing. Here we are at the final episode of “Isn’t It Romantic” and what exemplifies romance more than those three little words: “you’ve got mail.” So many songs written about them . . . We’ve got another movie written by Nora Ephron and starring Meg Ryan (so it’s GOTTA be good), and it involves that most timely, never-dated online service: America Online! Where my AOLies at? Prodigy peeps? CompuServers? GEnie G’s? Oh lord, I’m so old . . . Anyway, in the days before easy access to the internet, people found love on these services and on these services only (having meet-cutes in bars or restaurants was a class 1 felony).  And that’s how this week’s couple, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet. Is it cute? Does this remake of a 1940 Jimmy Stewart/Margaret Sullivan movie charm and delight? Plug in your 28.8k modem and download this week’s episode! Should only take two or three hours.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 128: You’ve Got Mail (1998)”

  1. This was one terrible movie! It was really popular for who knows what reasons. I can only assumes millions confused it for another film. I appreciated the early talk of online services over hearing about the film! I was online in the 80s on my Amiga through the bulletin boards at MIT. MY ex landlord was a teacher there and got access through him. I remember just making up names that might be a sight and seeing if they actually came up until the Amiga browser “Webcrawler” came out! Endless searching was so much better than watching this movie!

    1. Well, you never know til you try, right? Well, now we know and are the wiser. Or we just wasted two hours. It was fun talking about the old internet. Max and I could spend lots of time dredging up other such memories as “trumpet winsoc.” Things have certainly changed. Now I can watch “Barbarella,” or “The Adventures of Stella Star” right from my phone if I want to! And I don’t want to. Thanks, Vince!

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