Episode 1: Eyes Wide Shut

Series 1 involves the two of us discussing a movie that one of us has seen but the other one hasn’t. This week, we discuss Stanley Kubrick’s . . . unique vision of love, sexuality and really weird house parties in Mike’s choice, “Eyes Wide Shut.”

2 thoughts on “Episode 1: Eyes Wide Shut”

  1. I love it! Though I haven’t seen the movie, you’ve both convinced me to rectify that issue. The plot summary still gave me enough detail to follow your analysis, and the trivia was both engaging and relevant to the rest of the…review? Analysis? I did have a hard time hearing Mike at times, but that might just be my fault for listening in a busy place. I’m looking forward to your episode on The Social Network!

    1. We thank you, good sir, for your kind words! I’m afraid you’re right about Mike’s audio not being quite loud enough but in all following posts I believe Mike has managed to fix that through his clever sound engineering (and purchase of a new microphone). Hope you keep listening and enjoying! Both would be preferable.

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