Episode 258 – Sunset Boulevard (1950)

This dame was trouble. I could tell. Those big, brown eyes, so innocent, eyes that said “trust me, I won’t stab you in the back.” Right. I’d heard that before and I had the scars on my trapezius to prove it. She tossed her long mane of hair aside and crossed her long, gorgeous legs, all four of them. I sat back and . . . four? Mane? BUMPY?! How did you even fit in the dress?! And lipstick? Ponies don’t have lips! Get out of my office!

Welcome to a brand new, shiny series! Well, it’s not shiny or new. It’s dark and bleak and gritty and the sun never shines. It’s “Walk the Dark Street,” our series on film noir, that noir-y-est of all film styles. We’re leading off with “Sunset Boulevard.” Sure, it’s not a detective story but it’s dark, cynical, world-weary, and it’s got a dead monkey in it: all the ingredients for a noir film. Join us, won’t you? You’re ready for your close-up, aren’t you?

Poll question: What is your favorite film noir?