Episode 28: Wizards

Journey with us once more, brave adventurers, as we continue “In Search of Dungeons and Dragons.” This week, we travel back to 1977 to discuss a classic fantasy/science fiction movie about an intrepid group who try to stop a terrible dark lord from destroying a world with his new ultimate weapon.  You remember that 1977 classic, with Mark Hamill, right? That’s right, Ralph Bakshi’s animated film “Wizards”! What, was Mark Hamill in some other movie in 1977? Huh.  Can’t have been that successful . . . Ok, Mark Hamill is only in one scene and it’s just his voice, but still!
Come with us, and avenge the death of Fritz!

Episode 27: Willow

Welcome back, noble heroes! Time for another edition in our series “In Search of Dungeons and Dragons”! Herein, forthwith (fifthwith even!) we shall chat up an epic saga about the 1988 fantasy film “Willow,” directed by Ron Howard, written by George Lucas, and starring Warwick Davis, the only person to play two separate characters in the “Harry Potter” movies.  Oh, and Val Kilmer’s in it too.  Join us as we ask the question: does the quest of the Nelwyn fledgling sorcerer capture the flavor of a D&D campaign? Follow the bird and find out!

Episode 26: Conan the Barbarian (1982)

Know, o princes and princesses, that in the time before Atlantis knew extreme humidity, two men strode the internet in search of movies that represented the spirit of the game Dungeons and Dragons.  Know too that in their quest, they encountered a mighty warrior whose accent was thicker than his muscles and who would one day wear the crown of California on a troubled brow.
Yes, this week we’re talking about the breakout film of the Governator, “Conan the Barbarian.” Give a listen and see if we consider Conan a true murder hobo.

Episode 25: Eragon

Hail and well met, noble listeners whose deeds are glorious and whose thews are mighty.  Man, check out the thews on you guys.  Wow.  Welcome to our new series “In Search of Dungeons and Dragons”; Mike and I are life-long role-playing gamers and we got to thinking about which, if any, movies really capture the spirit of what it is to be an Adventurer, like the ones in the games.  A doer of daring deeds!  A buckler of swashes! In short: a murder hobo.  This week we’re facing the manksome foe “Eragon,” the 2006 fantasy movie adapted from the book of the same name.  There’s definitely a dragon in it, and one character gets locked in a dungeon so maybe . . . . Enjoy!